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Do you want to flex your selling skills, help more people, and have the ability to earn a 5-figure per month income (working from wherever you want)? 

If so, we're looking for our next full-time rockstar "sales setter" who loves the hunt and is driven to have as many conversations as needed (via social media DM) to move the right fit prospects into having a phone conversation with our sales team.

All the details about this position are further below. But first, here's what you need to know about our company, Healthpreneur®


We are Healthpreneur®, the leading coaching and training company for driven health & fitness professionals who want to fill and scale their practices or coaching businesses (virtually) without the grind.  

Essentially, we help them improve their marketing and business system so they can make more money, work fewer hours, and help more people.

Based in Toronto, Canada (but with a 100% virtual team around the world), we’re on a mission to help 1 BILLION people by 2040 to better health by helping health and fitness professionals build better coaching businesses that can reach and impact more people. 

We believe that an organization can only become the best version of itself to the extent that the people who drive that organization are becoming better versions of themselves. That’s why our goal is to help each of our team members grow into their fullest potential. 

We don’t believe in trading time for money or following a 9-5 schedule. Instead, we are completely result focused. So, as long as you meet your objectives and support our company and/or clients to better results, we don’t care what your daily schedule looks like. We want you to enjoy a great quality of life in addition to feeling great about what you’re doing at work. 

At Healthpreneur®, you are NOT accepting a “job”. Jobs are lame and boring. You’re accepting something so much more. You’re accepting to join us in our mission to empower thousands of health professionals and build one of the most desirable companies to work for. 

We are a MERITOCRACY that rewards the value you add to our company’s growth and our clients’ success. Likewise, our goal is to add value to you as a person. You will be given the opportunity to grow within our company so that you’re 100% committed to us (and us to you) - instead of going through the aches and pains of doing your own thing or working somewhere else.

However, if you’re hellbent on building your own brand or company, then we aren’t a good fit to work together.

Working with us, you will help us set a new standard of excellence and delivery in our industry – every single thing you do on our team brings us closer to that goal. Work, we believe, needs to be fun, challenging and something that makes you so excited that you jump out of bed each morning. We believe in work-life INTEGRATION. 


We are a virtual team with more than a dozen team members from coast to coast within the USA and as far as the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. Our founder and CEO, Yuri Elkaim, is located in Toronto, Canada. Our team members are all driven by their shared desire for impact, excellence, and continuous growth.


We don’t have ping pong tables, funky sofas, or even a physical office. Our culture is based on the premise “Be Great. Do Great” - regardless of location.  Since our team is virtual, it’s about how we show up day after day, how we behave and treat one another in and outside of work. It’s about being a self-starter who does what’s needed to get done and who is held accountable to specifically defined targets without having a manager breathing over your shoulder.

It’s about our shared values and how we communicate those values to each other and our clients. Regular two-way feedback, collaboration, and transparency within our team and our clients isn’t something we thought would sound good. It’s what we BELIEVE in and what we PRACTICE.

Strong culture inside the business equates to strong culture outside the business (with our clients) which is probably why we have grown so quickly 🙈

We live and breathe the following 4 core values: 

Obsessed with Excellence

How we do anything is how we do everything. Therefore, we always do our best.

Committed to Growth

The company's growth is preceded by our personal growth. Thus, we either grow or we go.

We Practice What We Preach

We believe in teaching only what we've personally mastered. Thus, we walk our talk. Our process eventually becomes our product.

Our Clients Are Our North Star

We don’t focus on arbitrary awards, accolades, or our competition. We only care about being #1 in our clients’ hearts. 


About Healthpreneur®

Healthpreneur® is the industry-leading coaching and training company for health practitioners and coaches who want to get more clients and scale their businesses.

The company was founded in 2015 and is led by Yuri Elkaim - a NYT bestselling author, sought-after speaker and business coach, and CEO of a previous multiple 7-figure online health business that he started in 2006.

Our mission is to transform the health and lives of 1 BILLION people on the planet by 2040 by helping health experts build better businesses and become more impactful within their respective markets.

Learn more at 


As a Sales Setter, you should have 40 hours available (if not more) each week to conduct as many chat conversations as possible inside our Instagram and Facebook direct messaging (DM) channel and jump on the phone with people if needed to move the right fit prospects into booking a call with our sales team.

You will be compensated for calls showed (not just booked) and performance bonuses will be included to reward you if those prospects enroll in our coaching program. That way, there is a strong focus on ensuring only the right fit prospects get on the phone with our team. 

Our perfect clients are health & fitness professionals who are building their coaching business online (or want to) and want a more predictable system for attracting and enrolling clients. 


  • Start and conduct DM conversations (using our Conversational Close™ script) with any followers who respond (as DMs or comments) to specific calls to action from our IG or FB posts.

  • Take over conversations started from our “Openers” (who engage people who’ve just followed us or commented on our posts) and move the right fit prospects into booking a call with our sales team.

  • Approve new members into our Healthpreneur Hub Facebook group and use that opportunity to start conversations with them in the DM.

  • Be available to instantly move prospects from DM into a quick 5-10 minute phone conversation to see if they would qualify to book a call with one of our sales reps.

  • Keep a pulse on people who’ve booked a call with us OR have become clients (documents will be provided to help you do so) so you’re not wasting time with those who’ve already taken those steps.

  • Study relevant materials to have an excellent understanding of our coaching programs so you can effectively communicate its value and process to prospects and answer related questions, if needed.

  • Track and report daily numbers in our Sales Setter Performance tracking sheet.

  • Study Healthpreneur® Brand Identity document and related Company Culture documents to be 100% clear on our vision, core values, ideal clients/customers, important processes, and overall business model.

  • Attend Weekly Sync Team Call (Mondays at 2pm EST)

  • Review calls, continue learning, and practice sales skills to continually get better.

  • The secret code is hp2021

  • Spend at least 15 minutes each day reviewing and studying our sales training materials.

  • Post your daily performance (metrics to be provided) inside our Slack channel by the end of each day.

  • Submit a Weekly Report before every Sunday afternoon with insights and learnings from the week.

RESULTS (expected outcomes)

  • We expect you to have a minimum of 40 hours of availability each week for this work (ideally including weekends). Note: the more time you put in, the greater your potential compensation. 

  • We expect a minimum of 20 calls booked/showed per month with ONLY qualified candidates.

  • We expect you to know exactly who our perfect clients are so you can qualify prospects properly and quickly so that only the most qualified people take the next step with us.

  • We expect that prospects have a good experience in chatting with you (via DM) since you will be doing so as “Yuri Elkaim” (our CEO and founder) and thus representing our brand. Thus, every conversation should be a positive and helpful interaction so that our brand is never compromised and every prospect feels heard and good about working with us.

  • We expect you to be assertive, not aggressive, and know when to push and when to back off to give the prospect space if needed.


  • English first language
  • At least 1 year previous experience in sales AND/OR extensive training in sales/sales setting.
  • Happy to spend all of your time having conversations in the DM (either on your phone or desktop)
  • Excellent communication and persuasive skills
  • Thick skin and not bothered by hearing “No” or getting rejected.
  • Driven, hungry, and persistent
  • Very organized and an efficient time manager
  • Coachability - you must absorb and apply new learning and commit to MASTERING your craft.
  • Curiosity - you must ask questions and be attentive to prospects needs
  • Intelligence - you must pick things up quickly and be able to read between the lines so you adapt our script (if needed) based on the conversation.
  • Work ethic - you must be a hard worker and always looking to get better and do better

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